April 19, 2005

Tim Worstall: Anyone Any Good With Photoshop?

Tim Worstall is fed up with the icon of Che Guevara, a brutal revolutionary that murderered, tortured and was intrumental in setting up with friend Fidel. So he has asked for a merge with that other well known Latin American tyrant Pinochet (extreme left meets extreme right kind of a Third way tyrant?). Well here is my effort.

Could be better but I don't really like staring at the face of that man too much.

So so I win my aeroplane ride and swimming lessons now?


a comment has asked if the original image can be used on anyone elses site, the answer is yes feel free to use it as you wish. Even make a t-shirt out of it! All I ask is a link and credit for doing it. I also decided that that one wasn't really in the style of the famous Che picture, so here is my second attempt.


Blogger Tim Worstall said...

Plane ride and swimming lessons? Was that the Chileans or the Argentinians?

Good effort though, like it a lot.

4:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I "borrowed" your creation and posted it at my blog, is tha OK with you?

10:15 am  
Blogger chris said...

I have no problem with anyone using this image in any way they see fit, just link me. If you want to alter it feel free as well, but I'd like credit for the bits of my work that remain.

3:22 pm  
Blogger lemuel said...

Nice! The second one is even better! I might nick that later,.. er, I mean linkandborrow.

6:33 pm  

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